Let's use Decoby!

Waht is Decoby?

Decoby is a chrome extension that can decorate web contents with visual effects.

How to install

It is easy to install this chrome extension. Please access this page and click "add chrome extension".

When such a pop-up is displayed, please click "add" button.

If the icon showed, that's all!

How to decorate

At first, please access a web page what you want to decorate. And you need to turn on this icon for decorating. In this case, I explain operation in this web page.

When click a web page what you want to decorate image, this system shows interface.

To click "Apply" button, you can fix the effect.

To click "Save" button, you can save your decoration data.

Let's enjoy Decoby :)

Copyright(C) Kouhei Matsuda. All Rights Reserved.